To succeed, a retail development must meet the needs of the community, provide a vibrant environment for its retailers, and satisfy the business objectives of the company.  Distinguished from others by our depth of experience and relationships within the industry, Oxford approaches the development process with equal parts creativity, analysis, and execution.


  • Understand and anticipate community needs
  • Simultaneously anticipate the needs of retailers in conjunction with existing and future store spacing and meld these requirements with those of the community
  • Select the ideal size for the planned development
  • Create a tenant mix and design the development to meet these needs on a financially feasible basis
  • Where possible, incorporate site and community characteristics into the plan as a means of enhancing the overall shopping experience


  • Define project feasibility through market and financial analysis
  • Evaluate and understand trade areas and demographic trends
  • Nurture long-term tenant relationships with an understanding of the types of deals they seek
  • Complete financial analysis to fully evalutate risks and rewards under various scenarios
  • Complete engineering and construction due diligence


  • Build a cohesive team of outside engineers, architects, contractors, lawyers and lenders
  • The key factor in all execution is a continuous hands-on approach by all members of the Oxford team to complete the development on a timely and profitable basis that allows all parties to succeed