Oxford Real Estate Equities, LLC ("Oxford") was created with the sole purpose of taking advantage of today's market opportunities by developing or otherwise acquiring, repositioning, stabilizing and selling commercial and mixed-use real estate.  Oxford has significant experience in and focus on retail develoopments although Oxford and its principals have developed virtually all types of commercial and residential real estate.



Oxford has brought together a team of very experienced and talented individuals to contribute to the company's overall success.  Most of Oxford's senior managers have worked together for well over a decade.


Oxford's senior managers utilize their strengths to provide deal sourcing, deal underwriting, due diligence, joint venture equity, debt financing, asset repostioning, asset management, leasing, property management and disposition skills to achieve the company's goals.


With over a century of combined experience, Oxford's senior management have acquired, developed, managed and leased over 20 million square feet of commercial real estate totaling over $2 billion in values over the past 25 years.  This depth of experience allows Oxford to routinely execute property development and repostioning plans.  Oxford can tackle complex acquisitions with confidence.



Oxford has extensive contacts with retailers, lenders and other owners, facilitating early access to off-market opportunities.  Oxford has also established strong working relationships with the Midwest's top investment sales brokers, ensuring that Oxford will see all deals brought to market and that Oxford will be considered as a serious and credible purchaser.


Oxford's senior managers have also developed close ties with all major national, regional, and local retailers.  This familiarity with retail tenants facilitates the rapid establishment of achievable rental rates and allows quick assessment of retailers' interest in a particular property.



Oxford applies its experience and skills toward creating and executing the acquisition or repostioning plan to maximize the property's value at stabilization.  Oxford's capabilities in leasing, property management and overall asset management ensure timely lease-up at budgeted rents and costs.


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